As well as the general health benefits of sprouts

the varieties listed here have additional specific benefits that may satisfy your particular requirements.

For example,vegetarians looking for a source of protein could benefit from the mung bean sprouts with their 23% protein.

Sprout Variety Recommendation

Alfalfa Improve cardio health

Broccoli Anti cancer properties.

Clover Relief from womens' health issues.

Mung bean High protein (23%)

Cress Detoxify blood ,clears skin

Fenugreek Colds & Influenza

China Rose Radish Clears head (hot & spicy)

Culinary uses of these sprouts.

They can be used in sandwiches,salads,added to soups,stews and casseroles at the last minute,used as a garnish,make up energy boosting juices and added to your breakfast for the healthiest way to start your day.

The web page Easy Recipes has a few simple recipes but really their use is limited only by your imagination.

Bon appetit!

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