Women's health issues and clover sprouts

Clover sprouts provide a multitude of health benefits but their capacity as a blood tonic is a major specific attribute.

Their dark green leaves indicate abundant chlorophyll. Some women have had relief from hot flushes and menopausal symptoms by including this chlorophyll rich superfood in their daily diet,according to author Isabel Shipard.

Health professionals consider the average western diet to be too high in processed foods laden with sugar and unhealthy fat. (Some fats are beneficial like omega-3 oil).

These superfoods are a unprocessed whole food with abundant minerals and vitamins in an easily assimilated form.

Their daily consumption can deliver general health improvement and increased energy levels due to their oxygenating and alkalising effects derived from their abundant anti-oxidant levels

This abundance of highly active anti-oxidants offer some protection from the ongoing effects of aging according to Steve Meyerwitz.These effects are most obvious on our skin even after allowing for damaging effects of Ultra-violet radiation.

Perhaps the structural similarity of chlorophyll and hemoglobin molecules (except for the central atom being Magnesium (Mg) in chlorophyll and Iron (Fe) in hemoglobin) is why dark green wholefoods like these are so effective as blood cleansers and builders.

This superfood's abundant chlorophyll has been attributed with correcting protein-deficiency anaemia.

Along with Alfalfa,this wholefood is a preferred choice in many detoxifying regimes ,epecially as juices.

They also contain ther most significant dietary sources of isoflavones of any superfood variety. Isoflavones have been credited with anti-cancer properties and are strong anti-oxidants.

So if you want to

detox your body

increase your energy levels

improve your overall health

decrease the rate of aging of your skin

obtain relief from hot flushes

then consider Clover sprouts.