Fenugreek sprouts have provided relief to many cold and influenza sufferers

Fenugreek and thus Fenugreek sprouts,is regarded as a sister herb to garlic. This much lauded herb is one of the oldest recorded medicinal herbs. There are a myriad of claims in regards to it's health benefits.

It is attributed with being a

blood cleanser


and a lymphatic cleanser

According to Isobel Shipard, a blocked lymphatic system may result in poor circulation,fluid retention,pain, loss of energy and disease anywhere in the body

A strong immune system requires the lymphatic system to be operating to it's potential.

Another attribute of fenugreek is it's apparent capacity to create a protective coating over inflammed areas of the stomach and bowel including peptic ulcers

The list of mucous conditions that manifest themselves in the body that may be alleviated by fenugreek consumption are

head colds influenza


bronchial complaints





sore throat


hay fever


Fenugreek is recommended by alternative health practitioners for increasing milk production in nursing mothers. Interestingly enough it is not recommended for pregnant women

So if you suffer from any of the above conditions then these sprouts are worth considering in your diet To return to home page